Vegetable Seeds To Sow in April

April welcomes the long-awaited arrival of Spring, and longer daylight hours mean more time to spend in our gardens. The month kickstarts our gardens back into life, with the winning combination of sunshine and showers. If you haven’t started already, now is the perfect time to sow your vegetable seeds. Not sure where to begin? […]

How To Make a Small Garden Feel More Spacious

How to make your small garden feel more spacious

If there’s one thing this past year has taught us, it’s that even the smallest of outdoor spaces is a welcome haven of escapism. But wouldn’t it be nice to make those smaller gardens feel a little less… small? We’ve compiled some simple ideas to help your garden feel bigger and more spacious. Plant Vertically […]

Vegetable Garden: how to take care of yours in winter

Caring for your winter veggie garden - plant services

The arrival of February comes with the first glimpse of Spring and the prospect of longer daylight hours. This means more opportunities to spend more time on planting in our vegetable garden in preparation for Spring/Summer, and there is plenty to do! If you’re wondering which vegetables grow over Winter then read on for our […]

Our February Gardening Guide

Gardening guide

There’s lots to do in your February gardening, whether it’s tidying up after the dark winter months, replacing your old garden fence or preparing your flower and vegetable beds for Spring. Our latest blog outlines everything you can be filling your spare time with this month. Depending on where you live the temperature can differ […]